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Murcia News – February 2018

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Murcia News
It has recently been announced that the long awaited opening of Corvera airport will now take place in December 2018. This will mean that San Javier (Murcia) airport will close. At present Ryanair have announced that they will move their operations to the new Corvera airport and we are awaiting further news of other airlines plans. 
The saga surrounding Corvera airport has been a long and convoluted one and with an opening date now agreed this can only be good news for future growth within the region.
Other news surrounding property prices is also encouraging. Data released has shown that the market price per square meter has risen by 2% to 990 euros per square meter. This price is still 38% lower than in the last quarter of 2007 when prices were at their peak. The increase in prices although small is a good indication that property prices are moving and anyone wanting to secure a property should consider commencing a search sooner rather than later in order to benefit from the excellent value currently being offered.
Brexit is another important consideration for UK buyers. Indications are that life in Spain for UK nationals who are resident here prior to Brexit will not alter considerably. Many government officials have made statements locally to allay fears of current residents and it seems that they are hoping to make the transition as easy as possible. 
Anyone considering a purchase would be wise to consider doing this prior to Brexit rather than wait until after as additional bureaucracy will no doubt become necessary in order for non-EU citizens to purchase within Spain.
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